Absolutely Relax Yourself, before you Show up Each Day




Each day you accumulate lots of experiences and impressions with life. Each situation, events or people you encounter in the moment, drops some blueprint within you, that triggers, your thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and sensation within the body.

If you simply wake up and jump into life, you repeat the process, with the accumulated stuff, of your past. Now, this is the story of one day, imagine you are already on this earth, since twenty, thirty, forty years or more, how much you might have accumulated inside of you?

Unless you empty yourself from within, you cannot experience the true reality of life. When you wake up, your body, mind, heart and sensation is already in pain, and doesn’t want to move forward with life, but still, you drag yourself, to fulfill your daily obligations of life.

Life is not only about work, but life is more than work. Once you begin to move deep into your being, you truly understand the actual process of life.

We all are into life, and we all have daily obligations to fulfill, but if you don’t stop to rest, or at least utilize the spare time, for the rejuvenation, you will end up, getting lost in your own creation.

To absolutely relax with life, is to empty yourself from all the experiences and impressions, so that you can experience life, afresh.

Have you seen the images of a baby, how he relaxes, into her mother’s womb?

He is absolutely relaxed, into his being, with nothing to worry about. When he comes out, he gets into the chaos of his mind, which is created out of his own experiences and impressions of life, and remains lost in it, throughout his life. He never tries to come out of it, but remain in it, till he dies.

Living life without relaxing or emptying oneself is like filling the overfilled bucket, full of dirty water. Whatever you pour in, will become dirty. Unless you empty yourself from inside, each day, you simply experience life, with all of your accumulated stuff, from the past. You cannot see life with clarity unless you absolutely empty yourself from inside.

Gautama Buddha has beautifully described these to his disciples, “Bhikshu Empty the Boat.”

A life that you experience outside is important and every aspect of it is important, but to live it, to its fullest is only possible, when you see life, in its true form. When you are completely relaxed with the mind, heart, and body, you enter into your being. When you come out of your being, you feel fresh and rejuvenated and you are charged up, to experience life.

It’s very much necessary to drop, everything that exists inside. Even if you are absolutely empty from the inside, life is such that, it’s always there, to fill you up, with different experiences and impressions. If you don’t consciously work, to relax or to empty yourself from inside, you only go on filling, never bother to empty yourself.

All your pain, suffering, and stress are not because of the outside situation, events or people, but it’s only because of the accumulated stuff, you carry inside. Unless you consciously choose to empty yourself from inside, nothing will move away, and it will be part of you, for the rest of your life, and many lives to come.

The process of awakening or enlightenment is nothing but to empty yourself from inside, and make you encounter with the real being, where you absolutely relax yourself and feel rejuvenated to experience life again.

Awakening is to die, before the physical death. You experience the reality of your true self and the reality of life.

What happens after death?

You simply refresh and rejuvenate yourself, to experience life again.

Nine months process in the mother’s womb is a process of recreation of the body, brain, and heart, as well as the refresher and rejuvenation of the spirit. Once you get out of the womb, life takes over you, and you stop the process of rejuvenation.

If you learn the art of absolute relaxation and rejuvenation of your body, heart and mind and move deep into your being, you can understand the process of birth and death.

You can never create anything with life, out of stress, pain or suffering. You have to consciously rise above all the negative traits, that you hold inside, to enjoy and experience life to the fullest. When you are absolutely relaxed from within, you create more, you give more, you share more, and you manifest more with life.

When you honestly observe your day, you don’t do much, but still, life seems like a struggle. The struggle with life is not outside, but within. The struggle with life is, by the way, you perceive life.

You have to drop all your perception, to experience life, in its true colors. All the problems and queries of life lie within you, and when you resolve to move deeper into your being, you come out to life, to see that, in reality, no problem exists, and the only problem that exists lies only within.

In the relaxed state, you clear your perception toward life. Life creates many knots inside of you, and you cannot untie the knots, unless you absolutely relax, and see life with clarity.

Creation and manifestation are good, but it should not be, at the cost of oneself. You should always remain a priority over your creation, and manifestation. You don’t come out of your creation, but creation comes out of you. The meaning of the creation and manifestation only remains, till you remain in the existence. Once you are gone, no creation or manifestation of yours can serve you, after death.

The greatest service, you can do, to the existence, is serving yourself. If you serve yourself and take care of, yourself, anything that comes out of you, will add meaning and beauty to life.

Showing up each day is important, but to empty yourself and relax, at the end of the day, is equally important. You need to understand the process of creation and manifestation. Only then you can experience life in its true sense. Only go on creating and manifesting with life, without taking due care of oneself, only takes you towards self-destruction. On the contrary, as the time passes by, you don’t hold even the capacity, to take care of your own creation.

The balance with life happens, when you create, operate and rejuvenate yourself on a daily basis. Each day you create something new, each day you take care of your creation, and each day you rejuvenate yourself so that you can show up, to life with the best of yourself. With absolute relaxation, you can free yourself from all the past experiences and impressions of life.

We all are born as a creator, and we all hold the power to design, operate and rejuvenate our life. The problem is, we cannot see our self beyond our past personality, and only see life, out of the past.

To directly jump into the future or into the unknown needs courage. To think something different needs courage. People are afraid to even relax, as for them; life is running away so fast, that they think, they will catch it, at some point. You can never get hold of life, except in this moment. You can only get hold of your perspective, and the time, your perspective is right towards life, any situation or event of life, seems perfect at the moment.

The perfection can never be achieved outside and neither all the problems of the world can be solved. Solving all the problems of life is like shutting down the mind forever. Till your mind exists and till the life in the mind exists, the problem exists. The life is not the problem, but the perspective towards life is the problem. Once the right perspective is achieved within, every situation, event or people attain perfection in the moment.

Life as a whole is always united and always perfect, and always moves in synchronization. The only thing, that is out of order, is you, and the time, you get in order to life, you too can experience the perfection of life, both within and outside, in the same world.

Don’t hurry or try to chase time with life, but try to get in order to life. When you learn to relax in a true sense, you will see the space within you, where you are out of order with life. More and more you move into the relaxation, more and more you come closer to the natural order of life.

Life becomes effortless when you come out of relaxation. Once the work is done, you again move into the same mode of relaxation. This way, you follow the process of creation and rejuvenation.

Better to stop short than fill to the brim.

Over-sharpen the blade, and the edge will soon blunt.

Amass a store of gold and jade, and no one can protect it.

 Claim wealth and titles, and disaster will follow. 

Retire when the work is done.

 This is the way of heaven. – Lao Tzu


  1. You have outlined rest or sabbath. It is a continual state to those that have found it. Each day the soul experiences the cleanse and letting go. Then joy and vibrancy kicks in.

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