A New Habit: 45 Minutes focus during lockdown

A New Habit: 45 Minutes rule during lockdown

This post was most recently updated on May 5th, 2020

Life is all about trial and error. You go on experimenting with your life till you hit the jack pot. Life is all about the path and not the destination. You reach nowhere at the end of your life.

So, what you can do is make your life’s path interesting. Bring your focus down to this day and this moment. What you are supposed to do today and at this moment?

We all wanted to do too many things, but we don’t know from where to start.

Another problem is even if we start, we may give up in the middle. Now, let us see where the actual problem lies.

To start is not a problem but to hold on to, is. Whether its exercise, meditation, reading habits or developing some new skills, it’s difficult to carry it little longer.

Either we don’t do anything or somehow if we convince ourselves to do something, we do it so much that next time, if we choose to do the same thing, the mind thinks to run away from it.


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

I started practicing meditation. Initially it was for 10 minutes, and later I took it to 2 hours. What I was looking for, was consistency.

10 minute was good, but the time was much less. I increased the time to 30 minutes. Still I used to feel, I could stretch more.

I started doing it for 1 hour, and then jumped to 2 hours. Now for a day or two things was fine, but soon the mind started to resist.

In meditation, for half an hour you enjoy the process, but if the same process is stretched for 2 hours, the mind starts to deviate.

No matter what habit you develop consider your mind. The mind is not your enemy but you have to understand the nature of your mind.

I like to exercise. I love both, meditation and exercise. When I was doing meditation for 2 hours, I was skipping exercise. Slowly I started realizing, I am doing it too much. I have to get to the middle path.

I tried 45 minutes rule.

Now I was practicing meditation for 45 minutes, and things were smooth. I was not only enjoying the process, but I was also giving enough time to the self. Most importantly, I was waiting for tomorrow to practice meditation. The mind was not running away from meditation, but wanted more of it.

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When you practice something for 45 minutes, the mind tends to ask for more. You don’t give more to the mind, but you restrict.

Now before the mind gets fed up of something, you pull yourself out of that thing.

 I found the key in 45 minutes. What I have learnt is, the timing has to be right. If you do more, the mind will not be willing to go back. You may push the mind, but it won’t be for the longer period.

The same rule applied to exercise. I like to run. And again I used to run for 2 hours straight. It again became a night mare. I love running, but after 2 hours it seems like I should avoid running at least for a week.

I applied 45 minutes rule to exercise. Now, I started enjoying the process more. The body wants to push for more, but I restricted it to 45 minutes. It worked.

For me the most important thing was consistency. I want to do things every day. Not alternate days, not thrice in a week, but every day. The reason is life is happening every day. So, if I have to do something, it has to be done every day.

I practice meditation for 45 minutes, and I give 45 minutes to the body.

Whether it’s a reading habit, or developing a new skill, or learning a new craft, give yourself 45 minutes each day.


Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits


Try to understand this.

If one person meditate daily for 45 minutes. The other person joins him for the practice. They both practice meditation together for 45 minutes. The first person is practicing for 1 year and the second one is 1 week old.

What do you think the difference they both will experience after 45 minutes of practicing meditation?

They both practice together for 45 minutes. One is practicing since 1 year and the one is 1 week old.

The difference will be of a quality. More you devote time on something each day, you add quality to it. So more consistent you are, more you can add quality to your craft.

 The mind gets bored easily with the things. If you push your mind too much, it will be difficult to put your mind to the moment. The mind can focus on a particular thing for a particular period of time. After that the mind needs a break. The period of 45 minutes is an apt time to focus your mind on one thing. This is the period in which the mind enjoys. As the period increases the energy tends to decrease, and the attention shifts away from the moment.

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Make sure you have the time limit for your practice. On top of that, the time limit has to be such that the mind should crave more of it, and should be willing to come back to the same thing tomorrow.

Many people don’t know where to start with. They have too many things in their mind, but they don’t know how to pick that one thing.

I will suggest start with exercise. Your body has to be the first thing that needs to be work upon, and the second thing is your mind.

Meanwhile you can also think about the skills that you would like to enhance be it reading, cooking, or learning new things that can help you at your work or something you like to do just for fun.

The idea here is to make most out of your time and your life.

Life is precious and the importance of it can only be known if you start living. You have to utilize every minute of your life effectively and no moment of your life can be taken for granted.

Like attracts like and Life attracts life. When you explore one thing, it creates the way for other things to enter into your life. One thing lead to another. That’s how the things are build in the world.

During lock down, I spend most of my time on meditation, exercise, working on my blogs, learning new things, exploring different information’s, you-tube, music and many more. You figure out what you like, pick the topic and explore it like anything.

No matter where you are, start building your life today, with whatever you have. Utilize your time effectively, and make most out of it. Don’t allow anything to hold you back. Go and explore and always remember like attracts like.

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