A Boy’s Mission to bring back Life on Earth


A Boy's Mission to bring back Life on Earth. 9A boy starts his Journey never to return back. The reason for the journey, is for his family, who are in trouble, &  they don’t have any clue about it. The boy has received the message from the higher world, & the boy knew that, nobody will believe him, & his message. His family was…):

A boy starts his Journey never to return back.

The reason for the journey is for his family, who are in trouble, & they don’t have any clue about it.

The boy has received the message from the higher world, & the boy knew that, nobody will believe him, & his message. His family was suffering from the pain, & their mind was blocked. They could not understand, what was going on with their life, & so they didn’t have any way to follow.

The boy took the task in his hands to make his family & friends, free from all the pain & suffering of life, & show them the path, that can lead them to God.

The boy was sure, that unless he creates the miracle, nobody will understand his message from the higher world.

The boy understood that, pain was a necessary part of life, & unless we understand, it completely, we will not be able to free our self from the sufferings of life.

The boy wanted to show the right path that can help his loved one’s to understand life, & by walking on the path, they can create the most out of their life.

He knew that his world will not understand the language of words, & so he has to show them, something physical.

It was difficult on the mental level for the people to grasp the idea of God, in non-physical form, & his higher world. They only believe in the statue of God, which they can see with their Eyes.

But people of this world, was easily able to relate themselves with pain & sufferings.

The boy wants to tell his people, to not to get stuck, anywhere in his life, as the life is a never ending process, & embrace life as it comes, as each situation of life, is to take us to the next level.

He wants his people to be more alert & aware towards life, & should always be ready for the greater challenges, so that when it comes, it looks small.

He knew all this thing will not be understood by his people. So, the boy wants to share the message with the outside world, & he was sure that people, who have heard about the higher world, will understand him, & apply the message in their life, to make their life better.

The boy started living his message, & spreading across the world.

His world has no clue, what was happening in the boy’s life, & they were still after the path of pain & suffering.

The boy knew that, until they change their path, or lift themselves up, on the path, they will suffer on the path.

The boy has been told that, the process of nature, to lift the veil of suffering from the lives of people is very slow. So if somebody makes a conscious choice, to come out of his pain, then he certainly receives the help from the supreme.

The boy has been told by the higher world, that life is all about different experiences, & unless we have those experiences in our life, by our self, it’s not possible to understand life.

When the boy, move out, to share his message, very few people, were able to relate to his message.

Later on the idea got spread across, & the message, that was doing well in few people’s life, now making a round in the world.

This way, the message, was spreading across the world, to uplift the lives of people.

The boy’s conviction grew strong, when he realized that, all the great souls, received the message from the other world, to establish the religion, be it Jesus Christ, Muhammad, or any spiritual organization, who preached their message.

When the boy read the life of the sages, & saw how they went through all the intense pain & suffering, & how they have washed off their emotions, & focused their mind, to pay attention on God.

The boy looked at his path, & his path shows lots of similarities, to the path of sages, & this convinced him, with greater beliefs, with his message.


With the message, the boy had now the purpose of his life. As the message was spreading across, the boy was now doing all his part to spread the message to all across the world.

As he was on his path, his own family, started after the path of truth, & were supporting him to spread the message, to make the other people’s life better.

The boy’s journey was never to return back.

This is how the boy understood life. That the day, we are born, we sat on a journey to never return back on our path.

But, we don’t realize this truth, & we go on living from our past memory.

Life is a beautiful journey that lies ahead, & if we keep on marching forward, on the path, we accumulate different experiences to enrich our soul, through our body, mind & emotions.

As we walk on our path, for the longest period of time, our belief gets stronger, & every experience, we accumulate becomes richer on the path.

We start to accept everything on the path, not as something good or bad, or as success or failure, but as an experience, that has been placed to make us stronger, & to take bolder steps towards life.


The higher world tells the boy, that life is all about courage, & overcoming fear (The way Muhammad, did), & shows him the way to overcome the fear.

Whenever you are scared to do something, try to figure out all the possibilities of that particular situation, and live it before hand into your mind.

Once you have lived all the possibilities of that particular situation, next day, forget everything, & dive into your fear, & you will always overcome your fear, of that particular situation.

The higher world, always asks the boy to be well prepared, for even a little situation of his life. They knew that everything happens on this earth is important, & it always one thing that leads to another.

The higher world never claims the path to be easier or difficult, but always asks the boy to pay the price for the thing, he wants in this life.

The higher world, asked the boy to choose the different path all the time, as this will help him to be always fresh from his heart, & it will keep him, alert on his path, & he will always be facing the new challenges of life, that will enrich his soul.

The boy has been told that, we all have the goal to meet, but we all have been given different path to follow, to reach towards our goal. If everyone understands these, they all will embrace their path, & will be more than willing to know about their path. Everyone is certain to reach to his goal, one day, howsoever hard they find their path today.

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