5 Chapters of my Life


Robin Sharma


The first chapter of life started with robin Sharma. He came into my life, where I needed a quality and understanding, about how life works at a professional and personal level. He became a great influence to teach me to bring quality to everything I do and rise higher with every step in life.

He taught me, how the world, will pull you down, if you choose to climb the ladder, and how you should avoid the naysayers in your life, and take a small step, to add more beauty to your life each day. We can create life, with one step at a time, and its good to be good to everyone, and have the nature of giving. Robin Sharma is, was and always be an important chapter of my life. For more details on Robin Sharma, you can visit the Website : http://www.robinsharma.com/

Will Smith


Will Smith was the second chapter. When in life, nothing was working, and all I could see was the world, as the reason of my failure. I have learned to work hard, with dedicated and sincere effort, and to give everything to life, and do good, before I expect the greatness ever to be a part of my life.

The two important lesson, I learn from will smith was running and reading. I never pushed myself so hard before, and it was easier for me to give up in life, but when I have those words from him, about how we can get better by pushing our self, and how by reading the books, we can expand our awareness towards life, it served me in day to day life, to take more courageous decision and get better at every step with life.

You get better with each passing day, and every task is equally important, and how you should think to make everyone’s life better, was his message.

When the chapter second opened in my life, all my limits transcended, and I started believing more, and relying more on my ability than relying on the world.

When I heard him, I didn’t understand from which wavelength, he was sharing his wisdom, but all I understood was, his words were the truth, and if I fail then it’s just because I didn’t live those words, and no other reason could have been my failure. I started looking towards my efforts more, rather looking support from the outside world.

I have to give all that I have to life, and then wait for the life to respond. Will Smith taught me to fight for my dreams and stand for myself. I read his life, and felt how he struggled himself, through his life, to keep up a fine balance between his personal and professional life, and how he never allowed any negativity to take over him, and he not only succeed but with excellence, shown the path of success to the world.

He has an amazing career in Hollywood, and he made everything, that was needed, out of life, and lived his highest wisdom, in his personal and professional life. He was the true inspiration for me, to help me to grow and evolve by his wisdom.

I liked one truth he shared, was that if you are ready to put on hard work, all the talent will fail, in-front of you, and you can achieve anything and overcome any obstacle on this earth. Will Smith is a well-known Holly wood actor, and you can visit on Google, for the detailed information about him.

Shri S.N. Tavariaji


The 3rd chapter in my life gave me a better understanding about myself. From childhood, I was good in yoga, but when the time came to take a leap, I have come across one of the beautiful technique of 3 SRB ( Systematic Breathing Technique) and learnt, from one of the disciples of Shri S.N. Tavariaji, that helped me to deeply connect with myself, and understand the inner mechanism of body.

From the time I have learned the technique, I made it a part of my everyday routine, and this helped me to have a better understanding about myself. By knowing the inflow and outflow process of breath, we can have a better understanding of our self. Meditation happens with breath and the realization too happens with breath. I have learned from Shri S.N. Tavariaji, about the inner mechanism of astral body and astral travel, and that helped me further with my spiritual growth.

For more details on Shri S.N. Tavariaji , you can visit the Website : http://3srb.org/



The 4th chapter, of my life, was a clear breakthrough and took me to the deeper aspect of my life. I never knew that the words of wisdom and knowledge could be so powerful, and can break the inner mechanism to reveal the truth by itself. Osho made it possible for many, and even I had the privilege to do so.

We have so much knowledge about life, that keeps us small and more than confidence, it develops fear in us. With Osho, I have developed the confidence to take the unknown path and started taking more actions, than to think about the actions in life. Slowly I started feeling good with my actions, and the truth that was hidden within emerged to the surface.

The problem with life is not the sins, but what we think about our sins.

The sage helped me to forget my false self, and took away all the gibberish and allow me to overcome, all my weaknesses. I have heard almost all the talks of Osho, and all the preconceived notion, I had about everything in life, started to shatter. It’s not that I have gained something from him, but I lost everything, that was not needed, and that didn’t served in my life. This was the beginning, for me to get closer to myself.

The real importance of knowledge and wisdom was known, and how it plays a huge part in understanding various aspects of my life.

The mind, body and emotions should be well prepared before we move on a higher plane, and with Osho’s wisdom, the path was easier. For more details on Osho, you can visit the Website : http://www.oshoworld.com/

Brahma Baba 


The Last chapter of my life, where I have learned deep peace, silence, Meditation, highest wisdom to develop the quality of divine, along with the bliss in my heart, happened with Brahma baba.

To allow to let go, to accept people wholeheartedly and understand, how the world operates, in synchronicity with the law of nature. This was the place, where my new birth happened.

We can only understand life if we are open for it. One link connects to the other, but you need to have enough dots to connect, i.e. enough experiences in life. People travel different place to have different experiences and rejuvenate themselves. To understand life, one has to travel on an unknown path, to have a better look at life.

With every new experience, I heard the calling of my heart, and jump into the abyss, without giving any thought to it. I understood, we don’t lose much if we try new things in life, but if we are on a right path, we may get the wisdom of life, and true purpose on the existence.

Life happens inside and not outside. But to understand life inside, one has to walk on the outside path with courage. There is no place for fear in life if you have made a choice to grow and get better with life.

BrahmaBaba is an inspiration for many, and if you really have heard about the divine quality, but never experienced it, please get the details on Brahma baba, you can visit the Website : http://www.brahmakumaris.org/ & http://jewels.brahmakumaris.org/

This will be a life-changing experience for you. If you are curious to know about yourself, soul and the supreme soul, this is the best place to know the highest wisdom for life.

I have shared my personal experience, on them, and no information, about the particular sage, has been revealed . If you wish to know more about their life’s, you can visit their website. These are the real sages, of this century, and if you choose to get closer to yourself, this will be a life-enhancing experience for you all.

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