2 Hour Rule for Focus and Creativity

2 Hour Rule for Focus and Creativity

This post was most recently updated on May 7th, 2020

The process of life is all about flow. If you want to achieve success in any respective field, you have to try 2 hour rule.

What is 2 hour rule?

The 2 hour rule is, to devote your focused 2 hour on one thing. These 2 hours has to be without any distraction. When you spend those focused 2 hour on one thing, things tend to unfold on its own. When you become one with life, things tend to flow in motion.

Whether it’s your personal or professional life, or you are working on your craft, or writing books or doing things that you like. Follow 2 hour rule, and see the difference in your life.

Our mind is habituated to be everywhere and not to be present at that one thing that we really want in our life. More importantly, even in our day to day life, our mind wonders into different directions.

To achieve something significant in your life, it’s necessary you have a focused mind. With the focused mind, it’s important that you spend the significant energy on that particular thing that is important to you.

Even if you don’t know anything of your craft, and you are starting fresh, still if you give those focused 2 hours to the things that you love, you can master your craft in a short period of time.

Your concentrated and dedicated 2 hour on one thing brings the major shift in your creativity. With the concentrated 2 hours on your craft, you start making a difference to your craft.

Your job is to stay focused on your craft for the longest time possible. Once you learn to stay focused on your craft, you will notice that your mind start sending you signals to take things forward.

Your mind is part of this cosmic universe. Whenever you focus your mind to that one thing, and give all your energy to that thing, you start getting closer to manifesting your desire.

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Whether you practice meditation, exercise; spend time with your family or working at your office. Usually the mind has a tendency to run away from the moment. The mind never likes to be in the moment.

When your attention shifts from the moment, the mind loses its grip and the things slips from your life. If you really want something, it’s important that you hold onto those things.

Everything starts from your mind. If your mind can perceive something, it’s possible for you to achieve that thing, provided you hold onto that thing and make necessary effort towards your desire.

To get that break through, or to take your present situation to another level, it’s important that you try out this 2 hour rule. This 2 hour rule will change your life forever. Your perception towards life will change forever.

The 2 hour rule allows you to stay in the moment. When you tell your mind to stay with one thing for 2 hours you already prepare your mind to stay in the moment.

If you want to pull out the best out of anything be it your personal or professional life, you need a specific amount of time. If you want to experience miracle, you have to give yourself sometime with the thing.

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The 2 hour rule gives you that time to study and understand the situations of your life. When you give your 2 hour to any aspect of your life, you start understanding those aspects of your life better.

The 2 hour of time is good enough to study and understand any part of your life. The creative genius in you doesn’t appear with a distracted mind, but your mind has to be absolutely focused, before you pull out pure genius out of you.

Before you experience success in the outside world, it’s necessary you understand your mind. You have to understand how your mind works. Your mind needs time with something, before it understands outside game.

It’s important for your mind to get familiar with the outside situations, things and people or whatever you wish to create in the outside world.

Both the energy of your inner as well as outside world should resonate with each other.

The focus is the primary thing for creativity. The 2 hour on anything on everyday basis allows you to make a deeper connection with your craft. Both your mind and your craft should resonate with each other. You have to connect with the deeper part of the mind.

You know when you connect with the deeper part of your mind; it reveals deeper secrets to you about your craft. Not everyone is interested in playing deep. People live a shallow life.

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When you go deep within you and start experiencing life from that point, you experience life from all together a different perception. You have to move deep within to come out with something that has never been experienced by the human race. When you play deep, you bring the best out of yourself.

Before you strike a chord with your craft, it’s necessary your body, mind and soul resonate with your craft. Life has to flow in motion. All your creativity has to come out of effortless motion.

The manifestation of life happens in silence. If you wish to create something fresh, it happens in silence. The 2 hour focus on that single most thing allows you to connect with that silence in you.

The life comes out of silence. Anything that you have never experienced before comes out of silence.

If you really want to break through the biggest problem of your life, spend time with it, and don’t run away from it. By being with the problem for the longer period of time, comes the solution.

Always remember, all the solutions of life exist in you. When you allow yourself to connect with life and allow the natural flow of life to flow through you, all the solutions to the unresolved problems comes on the surface.

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We all are habituated in living distracted lives. Our mind is never focused on one thing, rather it always wonders into different direction. The energy generated by the focused mind is the most powerful energy of the world. You can utilize this energy to create anything that you desire in life.

When you start practicing 2 hour principle in your daily life, you will notice the daily obstacles that lead you to the distractions in your day to day life.

You also notice how your mind wonders into different direction taking your attention from the present moment, every now and then.

The 2 hour rule helps you to connect with the awareness in the moment. It’s only your awareness and energy in the moment that will serve you to manifest the desired life of your choice.

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