100 Steps to Awareness


Are you confused with the word awareness or consciousness, and very desperately wanted to experience it for yourself?

Let me tell you, the most confusing things with life are words. Not only the words that you read outside, but also the words or thinking that goes inside your head.

Life is not your thinking but life is a real experience. Your mind may tell you all sorts of different things about life, but unless you experience it for yourself, it’s nothing but mere empty words.

Walking 100 steps by staying aware of each step, helps you to experience the awareness in the moment. Once you walk down these 100 steps by counting each step, you can experience the awareness in this moment. Then you don’t have to search for the word awareness, but you can directly move into its experience.

This is what life is all about. Experience. Either its awareness in the moment or consciousness of the mind, you can only experience it inside, leaving all the empty words of the outside world behind. You have to move into an experience.

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Before you walk the 100 steps of awareness, just observe life around you. There is a specific way, of yours to perceive life. The clarity that you have of this moment comes out of the awareness that you hold in this moment.

Once you are familiar with the way you perceive life in this moment, you can move into the process of 100 steps of awareness. Once you finish the process of 100 steps of awareness, you will notice that after 100 steps, your view to perceive life will suddenly shift for the better.

You will have more clarity with life. This clarity is your awareness in the moment. Once you can connect with your awareness in the moment, you can anytime increase it consciously by taking those 100 steps and moving from 100 steps to 1000 steps.

When your mind is directed outside, you remain aware of the outside things that are happening around you. When you take the attention of the mind inward and begin to observe the inner world, your awareness grows with the inner world.

The experience of consciousness is the phenomenon of the inner world. The mind i.e. directed inward at the end leads to itself. The path of the mind ends to the state of pure consciousness. The experience of pure consciousness is nothing but the pure state of mind.

With life we keep ourselves busy with the words or thoughts that come from outside or the thinking process that goes inside. These words either coming from inside or outside simply separates us from the direct experience of life.

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When you count the 100 steps with the awareness at the moment, at the end of the 100th step, you experience something at the moment. That experience can never be attained by words or thinking process, but you have to walk down for yourself to experience the same.

The same applies to life. No matter what you are looking with life, don’t get caught up in mere words, but look for the ways to have a direct experience. It’s only with the direct experience, you really experience life and grow and evolve with it.

Anything that you know with life at the moment is rejected by life at this very moment. Life doesn’t repeat itself but it always flows fresh at the moment. 100 steps of awareness connect you with the moment.

The experience of awareness is to see life at the moment. Not somewhere in the past or future, but at this moment. When you walk down these 100 steps of awareness, out of the natural order, your attention shifts to the moment.

Unless you have a firsthand experience of awareness you cannot grow with it, but walking down this 100 steps with awareness can give you the direct experience of awareness at the moment. Once you can experience it for yourself and get familiar with your awareness at the moment, you can expand the same awareness to your entire day and entire life.

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To experience your awareness is to see life at the moment with absolute clarity. You only choose what you see, and once you see the things with clarity, it becomes easier for you to make the right choices with life.

Life is no short of ideas or solutions at the moment, but it’s always you, who fails to see the things that are happening at the moment.

100 steps of awareness hold the power to change your life. When the same steps are taken with the inward attention, you can also move closer to experience your pure state of mind, i.e. pure consciousness.

People are struggling hard in the outside world to understand life, but no one is bothered to sharpen the mind, out of which the understanding can come for life.

It’s your own mind that makes the things clear for you, but before the things get clear; you have to become aware of your mind. If you run away from your mind, you will never really able to understand the truth of life, as the truth can never come from outside as the tool to experience the truth exists inside.

It’s only by working on the awareness in the moment; you come closer to understanding the different facets of life.

Life needs to be sorted out in our heads, before it gets clear outside.

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You may struggle your whole life, sorting up your life outside, but never reach to an end, and the time you take your attention inward and begin to clear your inner mess, no sooner you will experience the balanced life outside.

Life is not what you see outside. Life is only the way you see things outside. All the work is needed in your perception and not in the outside world. It’s only the perception that needs to be changed and you will notice that life is always shining outside.

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